Suske en Wiske op het WWW
Suske en Wiske op het WWW
Suske en Wiske

Willy and Wanda

No. 1

An island called Hoboken


An island called Hoboken Wanda and Aunt Sidonia accidentally find an antique vase and Professor Barabas on the beach. The professor's timewarping machine shows that the vase is 400 years old and comes from a South Pacific island.
Guided by a message contained in the vase, our friends discover the island which is ruled by the Heavies. Wanda at once befriends Willy, one of the Thins, and together they tease and harass Chive Gormando, the biggest of all Heavies. With the help of William Lager, a friendly and thirsty spirit, the Thins defeat the Heavies in the Great Bottle Battle at Sea and convert them into warm and beautiful people.