Suske en Wiske op het WWW
Suske en Wiske op het WWW
Suske en Wiske

Willy and Wanda

No. 10

The "tender-hearted" matador

or "Duck Lambik, or your goose is cooked!"


The 'tender-hearted' matador Aunt Sidonia's long lost niece, Big Bertha, who used to peddle fish, surfaces with her little up-to-no-good and lisping son, Shrimpy. When it comes to trouble, Shrimpy jumps from the frying pan into the fire. Soon he is kidnapped by bandidos, whom our friends trail to Spain.
Lambik, with his night school bullfighting diploma, is hired as matador, and his head really swells when his name appears on bull.. er.. billboards two meters high.
Then comes the day of the bullfight in the Great Arena of Servela. Two surprise bulls, and a great chase in the mountains between the robbers and the forcesof right and justice.