Suske en Wiske op het WWW
Suske en Wiske op het WWW
Suske en Wiske

Willy and Wanda

The first time that the American public could read the adventures of Suske en Wiske was in 1976. In that year Hiddigeigei Books, from San Francisco, started a series with the title Willy and Wanda. Eight books were published in two years time.
The numbering of the albums isn't consistent since the numbering from the original Flemish series was kept.

The series was ended before two, already announced, volumes were published. The unpublished stories are:


No. Title Original title Year Cover
1 An island called Hoboken Het eiland Amoras 1976
3 The zincshrinker De sprietatoom 1976
4 The king drinks De koning drinkt 1976
8 A fool's gold Bibbergoud 1977
10 The "tender-hearted" matador
or "Duck Lambik, or your goose is cooked"
De stierentemmer 1976
11 The iron flowerpotters De stalen bloempot 1977
18 The merry musketeers De dolle musketiers 1976
21 The circus baron De circusbaron 1976

Thanks to Gill Steenvoorde for the scans of no. 18 and 21 and to Claudio Piccinini for the scan of no. 4.