Suske en Wiske op het WWW
Suske en Wiske op het WWW
Suske en Wiske

Willy and Wanda

No. 18

The merry musketeers


The merry musketeers For his birthday, Lambik and his friends are time-warped to the Musketeer time zone. The Queen of all of France commissions Lambik and the new Musketeers to bring her the crown prince, whose head is sought by the evil and blundering duke Le Sinistair. Stongman Jerome soon forsakes the diabolic ways of the duke and forms an alliance with Wanda, so he can learn to become a neat person.
The mystery of the two Iron Masks is cleared up with the help of Egor, a dimunitive reflection of Lambik and resident of Lambik's feathered hat. Jerome returns with our time-travelers to the 20th Century.